Dutch Archives specialises in doing historical research in archives and libraries. The bureau was founded by the experienced historian Eric Ruijssenaars (1963, Den Bosch) who spent his working life largely in archives. He is the author of Charlotte Brontë's Promised Land: The Pensionnat Heger and Other Brontë Places in Brussels.

Dutch Archives is situated in the historical city of Leiden, home of the famous university, of the Pilgrim Fathers. Leiden is centrally situated between cities like Amsterdam (NIOD (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation), the City Archives, the International Institute for Social History/Netherlands Economical History Archives), The Hague (National Archives, Royal Library, Peace Palace), Rotterdam, Haarlem, Delft and Utrecht. Even the Belgian city of Antwerp is relatively quite close by.

Where did somebody live? Where did someone work? What did the house or business look like? You want to know what happened on a certain date, or when exactly something happened? You want to know more about the history of an old Dutch painting, or about Einstein's visit to Scholars in Leiden? Dutch Archives will look for you for documents and other information about people and places (and can translate these if needed).

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